Artouste cableway (64)

Start: july2021
End: august 2021

Type of vehicle: cable car
Number of vehicles: 1

SAFRA participates in the renovation of the cabin of the cable car of Artouste (64) operated by the SHEM Société Hydro-Electrique du Midi, subsidiary of ENGIE. SHEM uses this cable car to ensure the maintenance of its hydroelectric installations at high altitude, including the Artouste dam, the largest dam in the Pyrénées-Atlantiques region. 

SAFRA intervenes as a subcontractor for MECAMONT HYDRO (65) which intervenes within the framework of a larger maintenance contract integrating the complete revision of the different parts of the cable car. MECAMONT HYDRO intervenes in particular in the major inspection of the line pylons (3 pylons), in the maintenance and the renovation of the carts and vehicles and in the general control of the tension systems of the tractor and carrier cables.

The cabin of this cable car is of APPLEVAGE design and was built in 1957. Its last major inspection was in 2011.

SAFRA is in charge of the repair of the bodywork as well as the complete painting of the exterior and interior. The plexiglass windows will be replaced and the door mechanisms renovated.

We are proud to participate alongside MECAMONT in this new renovation which makes sense for us. 

Indeed, SHEM produces renewable electricity and recently the community of Pau Bearn Pyrenees has chosen to supply the electrolyser of the bus station with renewable and local electricity and thus produce green hydrogen.

SAFRA is the first French manufacturer to design and produce buses that run on a fuel cell powered by hydrogen. These H2 buses are marketed under the Businova brand.

The cabin was delivered on August 31 and will be installed on a cable in the next few days by the company Mecamont Hydro. 

Téléphérique d'Artouste
Téléphérique d'Artouste qui arrive dans les locaux de SAFRA Rénovation pour travaux
Arrival of the cabin in Albi on 16/07/2021
Téléphérique d'Artouste qui arrive dans les locaux de SAFRA Rénovation pour travaux
Arrival of the cabin in Albi on 16/07/2021
Cabin under construction
Cabine du téléphérique d'Artouste après la mise en peinture dans les locaux de SAFRA Rénovation
Cabin after painting
Finished cabin


SHEM (Société Hydro-Electrique du Midi) is a historical and major hydroelectric producer in the South-West of France and a leading regional player employing nearly 320 people.
Its 56 plants and 12 large dams, spread over the Pyrenees, the Lot and the Dordogne rivers, produce clean, 100% renewable energy without CO2 emissions. Its generating fleet, with a total capacity of 783 MW, generates an average annual production of 1,838 GWh, equivalent to the consumption of one million inhabitants.

MECAMONT HYDRO is a company specialized in the repair of machines and mechanical equipment for 30 years. Its three main fields of activity are :

  • Hydroelectric works, technically complicated works, in restrictive environments or difficult to access, often risk factors,
  • Cable transport, first on ski lifts, then on private installations and today in the field of construction site and urban transport,
  • Parallel activities of maintenance and special manufacturing in the industrial and SME sectors.

Today, MECAMONT HYDRO has a dynamic team of 85 permanent employees, with varied and complementary skills (engineers, technicians, mechanics, draughtsmen, welders, machinists, automation specialists, rope access technicians).