Commitments & values

SAFRA places its CSR, Quality, Safety and Environment policy at the heart of its development and growth strategy in order to meet the expectations of all its stakeholders and those of all the partners and service providers involved in our activities.

Our vision

To be the driving force of energy transition through the sustainable decarbonisation of public transport.

Our values

SAFRA has based its development and strategy around 3 core principles which constitute our 3 values:

Une poignée de main

Integrity and benevolence

The respect and trust that we cultivate within our company encourage us to be ethical and responsible every day. We promote tolerance, cohesion, and benevolence in our management, and above all, work to set an example. These values allow us to attract, develop and retain the best talent for our company, motivate our employees, and encourage them to give their best.

Through our various charters and codes, we are committed to protecting our employees, our data, and our image; as well as the relationships with our clients, partners, and suppliers, by acting with honesty and integrity.

Developing products and services to accelerate the transition to sustainable energy is our company’s leitmotiv. We are aware that our activities have an impact on our planet. By proposing clean and sustainable mobility solutions, the company’s strategy is in line with environmental and social issues, and is thus helping to change the world.

valeurs SAFRA 2021_dev durable BLEU

Commitment to sustainable development

valeurs SAFRA 2021_innovation BLEU

Optimistic ambition based on innovation

We are constantly working to push back the limits of what is feasible and open up new avenues in order to create innovative projects. We seek constant improvement when we design our products and services, transforming problems into sustainable solutions. We cultivate difference and diversity, with the aim of developing our expertise and creating good local jobs. As we pursue growth, we aim for excellence and profitability.

Egalité hommes femmes

Professional equality

In accordance with the provisions of Article D.1142-5 of the French Labor Code, SAFRA publishes its gender pay gap results for the year 2022 based on 2021 data.

Pay gap indicator: 37 points
Indicator of the difference in the rate of individual increases: 25 points
Return from maternity leave indicator: not calculable
High pay indicator: 10 points

Overall score


Our Ethics Charter has been written for all SAFRA employees. This defines the behaviour to adopt and the rules to respect, ensuring that we uphold our values, the laws in place, and the interests of the company.


One of our core values is respect for people. Therefore, employees are expected to share common values and goals with their colleagues and to work together in a safe and stimulating atmosphere. To this end, our employees follow the rules of good conduct they receive when they join the company.

Groupe d'individus d'origines différentes qui se rassemblent
Un individu qui empêche des dominos de s'écrouler


SAFRA has been committed, since its creation, to providing information that is transparent and accessible to all, creating value for the companies and our stakeholders. As such, employees who have access to confidential or sensitive information agree not to use it or share it with anyone else.

We place great importance on protecting data, in particular that of our employees, clients, suppliers and others. For this reason, we have adopted a series of common principles in our Privacy Policy regarding the personal data we collect.