HYCITY demonstration in Port-La Nouvelle

🚀 Last week, SAFRA and Qair France – Qair Group had the pleasure of welcoming several Occitanie local authorities to Port of Port-La Nouvelle to present the innovative Hyd’Occ project!

💧 Hyd’Occ is a future 50 MW green hydrogen production unit that will see the light of day in Port-la-Nouvelle by the end of 2024. Using low-temperature, low-pressure alkaline water electrolysis, the unit will produce renewable hydrogen mainly for maritime, port and mobility uses within a 200 km radius.

🚍 During the event, after a visit to the construction site of the future production unit, participants had the opportunity to climb aboard our HYCITY hydrogen bus to discover its performance during a demonstration tour through Port-la-Nouvelle.

🎤 Presentations by ADEME and GART also punctuated the day, offering an overview of hydrogen-powered decarbonization solutions for public passenger transport.