Hydrogen: a future solution for heavy-duty mobility

By 2025, all new buses and coaches will have to be low-emission. In order to meet these regulatory requirements for heavy-duty mobility, and apart from alternative fuels which are still permitted, two options stand out: electric and hydrogen.
Because hydrogen brings complementary advantages to battery electric for heavy-duty vehicles, we have chosen this motorization for our HYCITY® vehicles and our H2-PACK® retrofit kit for intercity coaches:

◾ Operability, Autonomy and fast recharging: Hydrogen recharging takes just a few minutes, facilitating operation, while offering autonomy comparable to traditional fuels. Electricity is generated on board, thanks to the fuel cell.
◾ Reduced emissions: Hydrogen-powered buses emit no exhaust gases (no carbon dioxide, fine particles or Nox). They release water vapor when driving and heat, which is recovered to heat the passenger compartment.
◾ Passenger comfort and quiet running: As electric buses, hydrogen buses offer a quieter, more comfortable driving experience, improving passenger well-being and reducing noise pollution in the city.

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Hydrogen is also an industry with a bright future for France! 🇫🇷
Launched as a “national strategy” in 2020 with a budget of 9 billion euros, the hydrogen industry is continuing to expand. After just 4 years, hydrogen production will reach 30 MW in 2023, with 69 stations across the country enabling its distribution. As for uses, they are constantly increasing, in heavy mobility (buses, retrofitted coaches, refuse collection vehicles, retrofitted or new heavy goods vehicles, etc.) or intensive-use light mobility (cabs, bicycles, utility vehicles, etc.).

🚀 The deployment of hydrogen in France is an issue of national sovereignty, in terms of technology, industry and energy, which contributes to strengthening our strategic autonomy from the European Union.

🌍 The use of hydrogen aims to reduce France’s greenhouse gas emissions by 6 million tonnes of carbon dioxide per year by 2030, and reindustrialize the regions by generating 50,000 to 100,000 jobs.

👉 source France Hydrogène – https://www.france-hydrogene.org/

🚀 The future of heavy mobility is hydrogen!