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Safra, the leading French manufacturer of hydrogen buses, is preparing to launch a new hydrogen bus called Hycity. The design of this vehicle will be officially presented at the EUMO exhibition in Paris on June 7. Based on the latest technologies and a sleek design, this bus will complete the catalog of solutions and services for low-carbon mobility offered by the company.

Safra is the leader in hydrogen buses in France.

The Hycity will make its official debut in June at the European Mobility Expo in Paris, Porte de Versailles. The French manufacturer is planning to showcase its latest creation at this annual public transport event. This hydrogen bus benefits from the feedback of its predecessor, the Businova, the first hydrogen bus manufactured in France by Safra, and launched in 2018 in five French urban areas. 

Still in hydrogen version, Safra thus offers a zero-emission vehicle accompanying transport authorities in mobility to get out of fossil fuels. The Hycity incorporates shared components, serialized equipment, and has benefited from a complete overhaul of its interior and exterior design. The vehicle is currently offered in 12-meter length (the 18-meter version is planned for 2023) and is offered in a 3-door version with a full flat floor.


Eric Baleviez, Marketing and Sales Director, who joined the Safra team at the beginning of the year, says more about this project:

“The choice to focus our range and know-how on hydrogen mobility (Hycity range and retrofit service) has enabled us to mobilize all our development teams on this new 12-meter platform.

Businova’s feedback on the electric powertrain and hydrogen energy management, the standardization of the vehicle’s structure and the integration of components proven by the profession were all elements that were integrated from the very first design input.

The passenger experience has been optimized and made more fluid with a bright and accessible passenger compartment. I am convinced that all these elements will make the Hycity a vehicle in tune with the times, fully meeting the requirements of the Mobility Orientation Law, of course, but also the wishes and expectations of the profession.

Baleviez Eric

Operability, maintainability, ergonomics of the driver’s seat, integration of ADAS and on-board systems, all the elements are combined to contribute to its success.

We have set up a progressive industrialization plan that integrates new assembly, logistics, testing and trial processes.

Our ongoing work also on the partnership with maintenance and spare parts distribution professionals on a national level is also one of the cornerstones that will soon be announced and will fully contribute to the deployment and operation of our vehicles.

This project is approached in its entirety, conducted with rigor, professionalism and pragmatism. This without forgetting the existing vehicles as they are part of an improvement plan throughout the year 2022.”

About us

Safra, a French company founded in 1955, is a historic player in the renovation of passenger transport equipment and a pioneer in hydrogen mobility. The company’s strategy is based on environmental, societal and sovereignty issues, in order to become the leading gas pedal of the energy transition through the sustainable decarbonization of public transport in Europe. 

Safra is the leading manufacturer of hydrogen buses in France, with a 60% market share by the end of 2021, and a forerunner in retrofitting diesel buses to hydrogen, with the largest order in Europe.

Safra offers solutions that perfectly meet the needs of transport authorities for mobility towards decarbonization of their fleet: construction and marketing of hydrogen buses, retrofitting of coaches with hydrogen, renovation and heavy maintenance of passenger transport vehicles, as well as customer service.

The company is located in Albi, France, on an 8.5-hectare site, with more than 11,000 m² of covered buildings, and currently employs more than 200 people.

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