Bordeaux (33) – damaged tramway

Start: october 2017
End: october 2017

Type of vehicle: tramway
Number of vehicles: 1


Dismantling of the bodywork: with all the external panelling, the operator’s seat, the control panel, the left-hand boot/control panel, the auxiliary seat;

Electrical dismantling: disconnection of left-hand console and control panel, air conditioning, shifting of external wiring harnesses;

Front end intervention : dismantling of lower protection cradle, removal of front end and assembly of new front end, repatriation of cradle to Albi workshop for reconditioning, repair and repainting, reassembly of cradle;

Body assembly: reassembly of bumper support, exterior accessories, exterior rocker panels, gluing of small and large side windows, gluing of windshield, reassembly of side elements, reassembly of air conditioning, reassembly of spoiler and upper trim;

Electricity: control of damaged wiring, fixing of external wiring harnesses, wiring of consoles;

Assembly of the driver’s seat : with carpet, windvane, central and lateral console, lateral folding seat.