is a historic player in the renovation of passenger transport equipment and a pioneer in hydrogen mobility. SAFRA’s strategy is based on environmental, societal and sovereignty issues, in order to become the leading gas pedal of the energy transition through the sustainable decarbonization of public transport in Europe.


Our solutions

SAFRA offers solutions that perfectly meet the needs of transport authorities in the move towards decarbonization of their fleets: the construction and marketing of hydrogen-powered buses under the HYCITY® brand, the retrofitting of diesel coaches to hydrogen with our H2-PACK® kit, the renovation and heavy maintenance of passenger transport vehicles, as well as a tailor-made service dedicated to the maintenance and monitoring of our customers’ vehicle fleets with VHYSION®.



Hydrogen under
the HYCITY® brand



Diesel to Hydrogen coaches with
H2-PACK® retrofit kit



Passenger transport equipment
for 70 years

Customer Service


Full maintenance and fleet
monitoring with VHYSION®.

Why choose us?

long-standing player

in the renovation of passenger transport equipment

Mobility expert

and France's leading manufacturer of hydrogen-powered buses


to the sustainable decarbonization of passenger transport


the energy transition in France and Europe

Our commitments

We are committed to a global approach to environmental, economic, social and societal responsibility.

All SAFRA employees are aware of QSE (Quality Safety Environment) and CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) issues, and have been committed for several years to improving procedures in terms of Quality, Safety and Environment.

C02 emissions
1 %

in Europe are represented by transport

© Source © CGDD / SDES – Ministère de la Transition écologique et de la cohésion des territoires – France – 2022

Lower GHG emissions
1 %

by retrofitting a diesel bus with hydrogen

© Source ministère transition écologique + Autocar et bus info – 2020

of new registrations
1 %

must be zero-emission by 2035

© Source Commission européenne – Parlement et le Conseil – 2022-2023

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