Sustainable procurement

Our responsible purchasing policy

We have established a sustainable and responsible purchasing policy, which not only strengthens our competitiveness in the marketplace, but also promotes operational excellence in line with our environmental and social values. This policy is based on the company’s CSR strategy, and is set out in various documents such as the Supplier Charter and the Ethics Charter, guaranteeing long-term relationships based on trust, transparency and mutual respect.

Our responsible purchasing policy is based on 5 fundamental principles:

  • Integration of CSR
  • Reduction of carbon footprint
  • Preference for sustainable products
  • Compliance with our Supplier Charter
  • Creating sustainable economic performance
Ethical Procurement / achats responsables - Vue du dessus d'individus en costumes qui se serrent la main

Our supplier relationships

SAFRA is committed to continuous improvement at every stage of the purchasing process, involving all our suppliers.
SAFRA’s commitments to its suppliers are :

  • To create a balanced, sustainable and partnership-based relationship between SAFRA and its suppliers,
  • Strengthen collaboration and communication, particularly with strategic suppliers,
  • Control the risks of mutual dependence,
  • Choosing suppliers with an eye to the total cost of the purchase,
  • Ensure that you are well informed about your needs and orientations, particularly in terms of R&D and innovation,
  • Take into account the environmental and social impact of the product or service.

SAFRA integrates all these dimensions while ensuring fair contractual relations.

The Responsible Purchasing Charter

SAFRA expects its suppliers and subcontractors to comply fully with the laws and regulations in force in France or in the countries where they are registered, and where they conduct their business or provide their services.
This Charter clarifies SAFRA’s expectations of its suppliers and subcontractors. This Charter also aims to share SAFRA’s CSR strategy with its suppliers and subcontractors, and to ensure their involvement in sustainable development.
CSR selection criteria are just as essential as cost, quality, service, innovation and risk management criteria.

Working with SAFRA

We are committed to building and maintaining long-term relationships with our suppliers. To this end, we regularly assess their CSR performance, encourage transparency in their actions, make them aware of our ethical charter, and solicit their feedback to identify opportunities for continuous improvement. Through these processes, we build strong, lasting partnerships based on shared values and a mutual commitment to responsible growth.

  • We evaluate our suppliers’ CSR performance and integrate it into our selection processes for suppliers and related products/services.
  • We solicit feedback from our suppliers and expect them to be fully transparent about their actions in favor of sustainable development.
  • We make our suppliers aware of the contents of our ethics charter and our responsible purchasing policy, encouraging them to adhere to them and to become actively involved in their implementation.
  • We encourage feedback from our suppliers to identify opportunities for improvement and reinforce our commitment to sustainability and social responsibility.