Working at SAFRA means being part of a dynamic team. We pride ourselves on our knowledge and skills, and we continue to look for people who want to contribute to our success and grow with us.

Find below our different offers, our values, our recruitment process and our testimonials.

We are looking for people like you: enthusiastic, innovative, open-minded, team players and thirsty for knowledge. Ready to work together?

Join our team and share our vision

To be the leading gas pedal of the energy transition through the sustainable decarbonization of public transport.

Work-study program

Passion, young talent and professional adventure! At SAFRA, work-study is much more than an opportunity, it’s an experience rich in discovery and challenge.

We’re proud to present our latest video, highlighting our 5 dynamic work-study students who share their vision and energy at SAFRA. A work-study program at SAFRA is the promise of a positive, formative and inspiring experience.

Carrière - olivier stagiaire


As for the internships, whether they are carried out by students or people in professional reconversion, they will mainly allow the discovery of one or several professions, in order to refine a professional project.

So if you too are eager to learn through one of these schemes, send us your application (CV + letter with field and dates).

At SAFRA, we offer:

Challenging projects

Our teams work daily on complex projects that are real challenges, brilliantly met thanks to their skills and expertises.

Career opportunities

Our growth leads us to develop our teams and to regularly create new positions. Thus, supported by training programs, our employees have the opportunity to evolve internally with our company project.

Employment stability

Because we know that our project lives thanks to our employees, their loyalty is one of our key issues. We work daily to offer them a healthy environment and a long-term career perspective.

Carrière - Handicap inclusion
Handicap policy

In France, 12 million people are disabled, and 1 in 2 people will be affected by a disability during their lifetime, either temporarily or permanently.

For most of us, being disabled means having a motor disability. However, 80% of declared disabilities are invisible, and this is the case for some of our employees.

Indeed, being disabled does not mean not being able to work. Thanks to our accommodations, one can be recognized as a disabled worker (RQTH) without being in a professional situation of disability.

SAFRA is committed to developing diversity and inclusion within the company, and has decided to promote the integration and retention of people with disabilities through various actions: job accommodation, awareness of our staff, partnerships with specialized organizations or associations, granting additional rights …

Our values
Engagements & valeurs Commitments & values

Integrity and benevolence

Engagements & valeurs Commitments & values

Commitment to sustainable development

Engagements & valeurs Commitments & values

Optimistic ambition based on innovation

Recruitment process
Carrière - fleche
Distribution of the job offer
Reception and sorting of all applications received
Pre-qualification by a member of the HR team or negative response by email or telephone
Face-to-face interview with a member of the HR team and the line manager or negative response by email
Possible interview with the manager's N+1 depending on the position or hiring proposal or Negative answer by phone