Active in circular mobility for nearly 50 years

The Renovation business specializes in extending the lifespan of passenger transport vehicles: equipment, fitting out and heavy maintenance services, as well as the renovation of buses, streetcars, metros and railcars.

Our technical and production teams are capable of carrying out all types of contract, from expert appraisal, design and project management, to full project completion.

Renovation - Our areas of expertise

SAFRA’s speciality is the realization of mid-life refurbishment, thus allowing the extension of the life span of any type of equipment: bus, metro, tramway, funicular, cable car, train, historical vehicle, rolling or non-rolling, but also the major maintenance of vehicles including railways.

Our services


  • Interior and exterior renovation of passenger vehicles
  • Design, manufacture and assembly of body parts and complete systems
  • Fitting out of special vehicles to provide services and information to the public (info bus, cyber bus, sanitary bus, eco bus, etc.)
  • Technical and regulatory upgrades
  • Accessibility for disabled people and wheelchair users


  • Expertise of cases
  • 3D modelling and digital simulations
  • Costing and developing solutions
  • Writing technical notes
  • Modifying cabling
  • Safety files and approvals
  • The creation of prototypes alongside the production team
  • Developing production processes
Renovation - Rénovation


  • Heavy maintenance on railway equipment
  • Renovation of the complete bogie system
  • Improvement of the drive chains (engine, gearbox, etc…)
  • Compliance with air conditioning systems
  • Improvement of the door systems

Our achievements

All of Renovation achievements are gathered on this page. Discover the expertise of our teams in the different fields of renovation: bus, funicular, metro, train, and tramway.