Increased safety on board our HYCITY® buses!

Equipped with the latest safety technologies, our HYCITY® hydrogen buses ensure a safe and serene travel experience for all users. With General Safety Regulation 2 (GSR II) approval, the most advanced commitment to road safety, we guarantee maximum protection for passengers and drivers alike.

With GSR II, our vehicles benefit from an advanced braking system, blind spot monitoring and collision detection devices. Our HYCITY® buses are designed to anticipate and meet all the challenges of urban driving, while maintaining an optimum level of safety.

We have also integrated ADAS (Advanced Driver Assistance Systems) on all our HYCITY® buses. This advanced driver assistance system includes features such as:
🔍 Pedestrian and cyclist detection: For increased vigilance in urban areas.
🚫 Lane departure warning: To prevent unintentional deviations.
⚡ Automated emergency braking: To react quickly in the event of a sudden obstacle.
🌐 Adaptive cruise control: For optimum driving comfort in all circumstances.

🔐 Our HYCITY® buses comply with the most demanding ISO21434 and ISO24089 in-vehicle cybersecurity standards.

To find out more about the challenges of cybersecurity in public transport, go here:

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