Meetings of the Ecological Transition

What if we all acted together for the planet?

Here is a theme that could not be more engaging to participate in the Ecological Transition Meetings that took place on Thursday, October 20, at the TBS Eduction campus in Toulouse.

These meetings, organized by BNP Paribas, gathered hundreds of entrepreneurs, financial actors and students.

Our Managing Director, Stéphane Prin, led two workshops on the theme of changes in mobility, alongside Estelle Foucher, HR Director of the GA Group, and Stéphane Amant from Carbone 4. Modal shift, carpooling, electric and hydrogen vehicles, sobriety, public transport, etc. All these items aroused interest in the room and fuelled discussions and reflection on the ecological and social actions that we can all implement to achieve this ecological transition.

In parallel to these workshops, which were very rich in exchanges with the public, 3 other workshops were held on equally interesting themes: Ecology and Inclusion, Housing, and Citizen Consumers: all responsible!

The plenary session on the theme “Towards an ecological transition of companies”, closed these meetings in beauty, with equally passionate exchanges of the 4 guests and field actors of the transition, who animated this session: Frédérick Mathis, founder of ETRE, Roxane Bozzarelli co-founder of Dev’enr, Antoine Sire director engagement of BNP Paribas, and Stéphane Prin, CEO of SAFRA.

“We are at a turning point where we have no choice but to think “collective”. This ecological transition is no longer a transition, we must now speak of an ecological ‘revolution’, for which we must all get involved, be actors. These actions are at the heart of our company’s raison d’être: to innovate in order to support, to propose solutions that are more sober and less polluting, and to be a committed player in this energy (r)evolution. This is what drives us at SAFRA and gives meaning to our work every day.

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Emmanuelle SAUX
Communication Manager

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