Nantes (44) – tram

Start: july2016
End: january 2017

Type of vehicle: tramway
Number of vehicles: 20

A program to upgrade 20 trainsets was undertaken in July 2016, allowing for a 10-year extension of use.
This involved the Generation 1 (301 to 320) trainsets, the oldest dating from 1984, which had an initial estimated lifespan of 30 years.

Nature of Work:

  • Replacement of floor carpet in its entirety, defective floors, local asbestos removal, interior repainting in its entirety, overhaul of seats and partial repainting of exterior bodywork with replacement of all adhesives.
  • All glass and rubber gaskets were replaced with new ones. New athermal windows were also installed for the comfort of passengers.
  • The driver’s cab consoles were slightly modified to improve ergonomics.
  • Lastly, the intercommunication panels (originally noisy) were replaced by custom-made rubber bellows, which also contribute to improving passenger comfort.