RDTL bus – Landes (40)

Start: november 2010
End: january 2011

Type of vehicle: RECREO coach
Number of vehicles: 1

In addition to its know-how in the renovation of urban transport equipment, SAFRA Renovation is also able to take in charge in full, the repair sites following a disaster.

Here, the recent case of this RECREO coach, from RDTL Voyages, which suffered a front-end collision.

Work carried out: straightening on bench, passage with the marble, replacement of complete elements of front face and/or chassis, repainting, mechanical revision, electric revision, etc…

Bus RDTL rénové par SAFRA Rénovation Après
Bus RDTL accidenté Avant
Bus RDTL dans les ateliers de SAFRA Rénovation
Bus RDTL rénové par SAFRA Rénovation