SAFRA completes the long construction site in Brest

On Wednesday, October 9, the Safra company completed the painting of the city of Brest’s bus fleet. After a little more than 3 years, the last vehicle has left the Safra workshops to join the entire Brest fleet, in perfect compliance with the market schedule.

Following a consultation, Safra won this public contract in 2011, and started this long project in June of the same year, when the first vehicle was treated. The project consists of adapting the new graphic charter used on the first line of the Brest tramway to the entire fleet of buses, with the use of more dynamic tones with aniseed green.

The contract in question includes, in addition to the modification of the graphic charter, the interior design, upholstery and installation of the UFR ramp.

As a reminder, SAFRA will have treated 88 buses for KEOLIS Brest and 23 “chartered” buses, i.e. a total of 111 buses with about ten different types of buses.

In the first phase of the contract, 10 vehicles were modified to be accessible to wheelchair users and PRM. 50 buses were also reupholstered in the three new tramway colors.

To transport and repatriate these vehicles, the company itself carries out its own transport operations at a rate of about 1 vehicle per week, chartered by a SAFRA conveyor.

SAFRA and KEOLIS Brest have set up an entire logistical organization to manage the various interfaces and to deliver all the buses within the schedule initially planned in the contract: conveyors, adhesive suppliers, saddlery subcontractor, reception of the vehicles at the DREAL…

In this type of contract, transparency, trust and good relations with the operator are very important in order to respect all the commitments inherent to this type of contract.

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Emmanuelle SAUX
Communication Manager

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