Saint-Étienne (42) – 12 Urban Buses 12m

Start date: 06/01/2022
End date: 15/01/2023

Type of vehicle: 12 m city bus of 2012 type Citelis Irisbus
Number of vehicles: 12

Saint-Etienne Métropole (SEM) wishes to carry out a partial technical renovation on 12 12 m city buses of 2012 type Citelis Irisbus.

SEM is the contracting authority of the operation. STAS, the network operator, is the project manager for the whole operation and represents SEM at its request.

This operation is divided into 3 lots and SAFRA has won in 01/2022 the lot N°1 : Bodywork renovation.

In addition to the delivery and return from the operator’s workshops, this lot includes 2 distinct systematic operations:

1 – Chassis renovation

The vehicles present an important corrosion of the chassis.

The systematic operations to be performed by the contractor include

Removal of the underbody panels.
Complete washing of the chassis.
Anti-rust treatment of the entire chassis with grinding and pitting of the corroded areas.
Installation of parts by welding if necessary (perforating corrosion).
Anti-rust treatment of hollow bodies.
Application of the technical note IVECO 2011-0201-2_sept 2012: tightening of the side faces.
Rework and application of an anti-gravelling mastic of the Blaxon type or equivalent on the most exposed areas (wheel arches and crossbars).
Protection of the complete frame by spraying a self-healing waxy product equivalent to Pfinder UBS 611.

2 – Renovation of the anti-aggression gate

The locks on the driver’s gates have become loose. The contractor will modify the lock by replacing the current lock with a magnetic suction cup. He will be in charge of the modification of the environment, the installation and the power supply of the electromagnet.

At the end of the work, the vehicles will still be used for a period of approximately 8 to 10 years.

The contract started on 06/01/2022 and will end on 15/01/2023