Scalability, agility: essential notions for a better integration on the market

Bus Businova vue de derrière

In the arguments regularly put forward to talk about the Businova, the term “evolutionary” appears most often. But what exactly is an evolutionary bus?
A bus that evolves over time? A bus that adapts to the needs of its customers?

Bus Businova devant les locaux de SAFRA

In the end, it’s all this at the same time! From the very beginning of the Businova’s design, everything was thought out so that the vehicle could adapt to a different type of motorization, always in keeping with our values around the ecological transition, of course. The very original architecture of the Businova is based on this aspect: a double chassis allowing the separation of most of the motorization from the space dedicated to the passengers, all the while controlling the problems of weight/capacity ratio. Thanks to its two chassis, the vehicle has three axles, one of which is dedicated to the energy pack located at the rear. This makes it possible to transport more passengers on the same surface, without constraint of total weight of the vehicle.

In addition to its bi-modularity, the Businova is able to adapt to several traction chains on the market, allowing the most efficient one to be chosen according to technological developments (motor, batteries, auxiliaries, axles, etc.).

The flexibility of the Businova is such that the vehicle can also be adapted to the existing recharging system on the network, or to one that is being acquired.

This scalability is also facilitated by the vehicle’s development team. Indeed, the choice made by SAFRA Constructeur was to structure from the beginning a multidisciplinary team capable of integrating all the skills necessary for the development of innovative products. By proceeding in this way, the technical teams have an excellent knowledge of the developed product and thus a great capacity of adaptation. The command control is developed internally, and the evolutions of the product are also facilitated by a proprietary software developed internally, and built around functional modules. The process of developing new products in our range is facilitated by an approval process directly managed internally. Our approval file is made up of a set of partial sub-files, thus allowing unlimited developments, without impacting all the tests.

In the end, the entire Businova program is agile, from the design of the product to the way each team works. SAFRA’s historical and recognized know-how, combined with a strong desire to innovate (which can be found in all of the company’s areas of activity), have made it possible to create not only a reliable product, but above all a product that corresponds in every way to our customers’ needs.  Our expertise starts from the first contact with the prospect, to define together his needs and constraints. We design together the solution that will be the best adapted to his network, bringing our advice by carrying out on his network or his line the technical study that will allow to determine which motorization will be optimal. We then accompany our customer once the vehicles have been delivered, to monitor the performance of each vehicle (see next article), and to upgrade the vehicle with new components if necessary.

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