Our mission: to accelerate the decarbonization of transport

Our mission: to accelerate the decarbonization of transportation.

The stakes are high: by 2030, all new buses must be zero-emission. This announcement made at the beginning of 2023 confirms the strategic shift SAFRA took in 2018 by manufacturing only hydrogen buses in order to anticipate laws such as the LTECV, and future laws that will arrive quickly such as the LOM or the European “clean vehicles” directive.

These regulations have a direct impact on Mobility Authorities who must implement new strategies to rapidly transform their fleets to zero emission.

SAFRA has decided to launch a program called “Let’s accelerate towards a decarbonized mobility” to accompany the AOMs in these changes, and to facilitate their decision making, by setting up a global offer to provide them with vehicles and services.

This unique solution includes new hydrogen buses to meet the needs of fleet renewal and the retrofitting of intercity buses with hydrogen, as part of our “circular mobility” package that promotes the extension of vehicle life.

We have also integrated into this program several services to simplify the operation of these vehicles, but also to manage the fleets efficiently with perfect control of their TCO.

Accompanying, advising and facilitating is what we have been doing for over 65 years 💪

accélérer la décarbonation des transports