Discover HYCITY®, the new-generation city bus that embodies French excellence in sustainable mobility.

Entirely designed and manufactured in France, HYCITY® features cutting-edge European technology and represents the future of zero-emission urban transport.

Discovering the HYCITY®

Available in 12m or 18m, in various configurations and with a wide range of alternative traction options, HYCITY® offers a practical, adaptable solution for all public transport needs.

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Does not produce CO2 or fine particles*

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Rejects only pure water and heat

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Short recharge time: between 5 and 10 minutes

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Minimum autonomy of 350 km

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1 H2 bus replaces 1 diesel bus

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Zero emission manufacturer

HYCITY® is SAFRA’s latest hydrogen bus. This zero-emission bus offers transport authorities an environmentally-friendly alternative to fossil fuels. HYCITY® produces no CO2 or fine particles, and emits only pure water and heat.

Thanks to hydrogen technology, our vehicles are carbon-neutral and therefore fully compliant with French and European regulations on clean vehicles.

We love this pure design

HYCITY® sports an attractive, contemporary new look. Its sleek design blends perfectly into the urban landscape, while its distinctive lines capture everyone’s attention. HYCITY® stands out for its harmonious curves, accentuated by exterior body elements such as the side technical boxes, which not only reinforce its structure but also appear to support the roof with elegance. The integration of front and rear headlamps adds to its aesthetic appeal, combining elegance and functionality. HYCITY® embodies the future of urban mobility, combining avant-garde design and exceptional performance for an incomparable travel experience.

The traveler experience

HYCITY® features a full flat floor to facilitate passenger circulation and reduce waiting times at stops, helping to increase commercial speed, another attractive feature of urban transport networks. Access on board is via wide tram-type doors to facilitate passenger flow. Accessibility has not been forgotten, with several UFR and PMR zones inside, customizable on request, and incorporating an electric or manual ramp at the central door. On the day side, the luminous ambience contributes to the creation of an environment conducive to travel. Large glass surfaces and a skylight at the rear not only provide natural lighting, but also a panoramic view of the cityscape. At night, the lighting ambience is created by fully customizable LED lighting, with a night mode for glare-free illumination.

The driving position

Discover the HYCITY®’s optimized driver station, combining practicality with premium driver comfort. Featuring a top-of-the-range driver’s seat with swivel base, it ensures easy installation and an ergonomic grip. Meticulously integrated components and numerous storage compartments facilitate the driver’s every move. Safety is enhanced by an electromagnetically-operated access gate, while intuitive controls are conveniently positioned in the driver’s field of vision. The dashboard’s central display provides advanced monitoring of driving data. The panoramic windshield ensures optimum visibility, promoting efficient driving and better interaction with passengers. Traditional rearview mirrors are replaced by an integrated rear-view system for a complete view at a glance. Finally, thermal comfort is ensured all year round thanks to a heat pump and a system dedicated to the driver for optimum driving conditions. Enjoy a superior driving experience with HYCITY®.

Electric motor

2 x 125 kW


130 kWh

Fuel cell

45 kW

Hydrogen storage

35 kg
350 bar
6 tanks

Hydrogen engine

The HYCITY® has an additional advantage over other zero-emission vehicles:
its hydrogen engine.

Indeed, the use of energy produced by hydrogen allows the vehicle to “manufacture” its own energy on board, and therefore does not require the transport of a large battery mass to achieve an identical range (over 350km) without any impact on passenger capacity.

The integration of a hydrogen bus on the network is a real strategic choice for the city in favor of the decarbonization of transport, in the improvement of the attractiveness of public transport, and not only as a simple choice of investment in rolling stock.

  • An incomparable travel experience, with a spacious, welcoming interior.
  • A safe, ergonomic driver’s station that complies with the most stringent standards.
  • The integration of the latest safety technologies to ensure the protection of passengers, drivers and pedestrians.
  • Dedicated and efficient Customer Service, guaranteeing a seamless transport experience.

*Alcohol ignition interlock installation document regulation 2021/1243


Associate member of the association ITxPT (Information Technology for Public Transport).

Member ITXTP

SAFRA BUS and HYCITY® are supported by the Programme d’investissements d’avenir operated by ADEME

Zero emissions*

Powertrain and CO2 emissions during use: Our Hycity is equipped with a hydrogen-powered electric powertrain. This engine produces no CO2 emissions during normal use. All the vehicle emits is water vapor and heat. Hydrogen production, however, can generate CO2 if fossil fuels are used. As a manufacturer, we cannot dictate the type of hydrogen used by our customers to fuel our vehicles. We do, however, encourage our customers to use so-called green hydrogen, produced using renewable energies.
Braking and associated emissions: Although vehicle motorization does not generate CO2 emissions, certain emissions can occur during the braking process. In particular, fine brake dust particles may be emitted during braking.
Tire wear and associated emissions: Natural tire wear can also contribute to the release of micro-particles into the atmosphere.

We encourage our customers to drive responsibly and maintain their vehicles regularly to minimize emissions, particularly from braking and tire wear.

CO2 savings compared with internal combustion vehicles:

0-emission public transport vehicles save 1.54kg of CO2 per km compared with internal combustion vehicles. In France, bus and coach emissions represent 3 mega tonnes of CO2 every year.