Leader in hydrogen buses in France

Since 2011, we have been designing, manufacturing and marketing hydrogen-powered electric buses. Under the brand Businova® and now HYCITY®, our vehicles are present in many French cities that have chosen to transform their fleet into zero emission.

As the first French manufacturer of hydrogen buses, we are proud to offer a European fuel cell technology solution. Moreover, our buses are entirely manufactured in France.

Discovering the HYCITY®

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Does not produce CO2 or fine particles

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Rejects only pure water and heat

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Short recharge time: between 5 and 10 minutes

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Minimum autonomy of 350 km

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1 H2 bus replaces 1 diesel bus

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Zero emission manufacturer

SAFRA is thus offering a zero-emission vehicle to support transport authorities in their efforts to move away from fossil fuels.

The HYCITY® integrates shared components and serialized equipment, and has benefited from a complete overhaul of its interior and exterior design. The vehicle, which is currently offered in 12-meter lengths, is available in a 3-door version with a full flat floor.

We love this pure design

The HYCITY®, a brand new product from SAFRA Manufacturer, has received a complete facelift to give it an attractive and modern look. Its sleeker design blends into the urban landscape, while its distinctive curves catch the eye. The line of the HYCITY® is indeed underlined by the external body elements, more precisely the technical side boxes, which seem to support the roof of the vehicle with lightness, like structuring pillars. The curves are harmonious and the integration of the headlights at the front and rear has been done in an elegant and functional way.

CONSTRUCTEUR - Manufacturer /
CONSTRUCTEUR - Manufacturer /

Hydrogen for urban mobility… the name says it all! HYCITY® is the name of this hydrogen bus manufactured by SAFRA, which will follow the famous Businova®, the very first hydrogen bus manufactured in France.

Its name underlines 2 choices in the development strategy of this new product. First, the zero emission motorization and more precisely hydrogen, which is not an option. The entire HYCITY® range will be offered with an electric motor running on hydrogen. Lastly, the marketing of the product is oriented towards the international market, with the “city” written in English.

Its visual identity is modern, sleek and slender, and blends roundness and points for a perfect balance with the stylistic language of the new SAFRA logotype.

The traveler experience

The first achievement of the HYCITY® is undeniably to have been able to preserve this natural luminosity, while the hydrogen technology brings constraints of integration of imposing components such as hydrogen tanks for example. And this is all the more true since climatic comfort has not been neglected, since there is also a high-performance heat pump on the roof that ensures a comfortable temperature in summer and winter throughout the cabin.

The lighting ambience of this new model is therefore a great success and contributes to the creation of an environment conducive to travel. Inside, the large glass surfaces ensure not only natural lighting, but also a panoramic view of the urban landscape. In the rear, the opening in the roof has been preserved, as there is no engine in the rear part of the vehicle, which not only increases the brightness of this space, but also the sound comfort, where no engine noise disturbs the journey.

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By modifying the architecture of the Businova® to make it the HYCITY®, the passenger space was able to gain 8% more space to offer even more comfort to passengers.

The driving position

The HYCITY’s practical and ergonomic driving position respects the usual codes and offers optimal comfort, appreciated by drivers.

From the top-of-the-range driver’s seat to the integration of a dashboard that benefits from the latest technological innovations, everything has been designed to make every gesture easy and intuitive. Combined with an optimized thermal comfort system and the flexibility of the electric motor, the driver’s working day becomes more pleasant.

A rear vision system is judiciously integrated in this vehicle, which guarantees a visibility on all the driving angles.

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SAFRA’s manufacturer technical teams have taken advantage of the new generation to integrate not only the new technological regulations in force, but also to improve the current components in order to optimize the vehicle’s performance, facilitate maintenance services and, of course, improve the production chain by simplifying the construction and assembly phases.

The first novelty on the HYCITY® is the modification of the electric drive train which switches to a motorized axle and therefore a direct transmission. The advantages of this traction system are multiple, starting with the reduction of the mass, which makes it possible to offer a flat floor over the entire length of the vehicle. This change also optimizes the overall efficiency of the vehicle, and reduces maintenance work by significantly reducing the number of components in the drive train. This motorized axle also contributes to interior comfort since it reduces noise emissions from the motorization, and reduces the risk of accidents in the passenger compartment thanks to a smoother and more progressive driving experience that is greatly appreciated by the driver.

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Hydrogen engine

The HYCITY® has an additional advantage over other zero-emission vehicles:
its hydrogen engine.

Indeed, the use of energy produced by hydrogen allows the vehicle to “manufacture” its own energy on board, and therefore does not require the transport of a large battery mass to achieve an identical range (over 350km) without any impact on passenger capacity.

The integration of a hydrogen bus on the network is a real strategic choice for the city in favor of the decarbonization of transport, in the improvement of the attractiveness of public transport, and not only as a simple choice of investment in rolling stock.

  • Modification of the electric drive train which switches to a motorized axle and thus a direct transmission.
  • Skylight in the rear part of the car that brings additional natural light.
  • Interior brightness accentuated by the colorimetric atmosphere and the chosen coverings that capture the light.
  • Unique and customizable acoustic design, using 100% recycled and recyclable materials made from PET plastic bottles.
  • Special treatment of the general soundproofing thanks to the simplification of the motorization, which resulted in a reduction of the noise emissions produced.
  • Integration of a night lighting system with a full LED lighting system that can be customized.
  • Full flat floor facilitating the circulation of passengers and reducing waiting times at stops, which contributes to the increase in commercial speed.
  • Interior access through 3 wide tramway-type doors, to facilitate passenger flow.
  • UFR and PMR zones located inside, customizable on demand, with integration of a pallet in the central door for specific access.

Associate member of the association ITxPT (Information Technology for Public Transport).

Member ITXTP

Technical description of the manufacturer

33 seats including 4 PMR + 1 UFR + 2 doors driver
29 seats including 4 PMR + 2 UFR + 3-door driver
Electric motor

2 x 125 kW


130 kWh

Fuel cell

45 kW
(30 kW useful)

Hydrogen storage

35 kg
@350 bar
6 tanks

3,300 m
11,857 m
2,550 m
5,840 m
Front overhang
2,527 m
Back overhang
3,490 m
Angle of attack
Departure angle
Max. GVW
21 tons
No-load PT
according to arrangements
CONSTRUCTEUR - Manufacturer /

Thanks to the hydrogen technology, our vehicles do not produce any polluting emissions, neither CO2, nor fine particles, and thus perfectly meet the French and European regulations on clean vehicles.

All our vehicles are available in the French purchasing center: UGAP.

SAFRA Manufacturer and the HYCITY® are supported by the Programme d’investissements d’avenir operated by ADEME