Limoges’ train (87)

Start: june 2015
End: october 2015

Type of vehicle: TER trains
Number of vehicles: 20

The companies SAFRA and SIP have joined forces to propose a global offer to ensure :

  • the body repair of a fleet of 20 trainsets type 73500
  • a partial repainting
  • as well as the installation of a new coating in varnished finish.

The 73500 are 28-meter railcars powered by two diesel engines, perfectly adapted to the constraints of passenger transport in a region like Limousin (many rural areas, non-electrified tracks and convergence of many lines towards Limoges).

One of the major challenges of this project is to work in a totally open environment with co-activity and to handle sanding and painting operations. It is also planned to paint the front blue arches whose original color and varnish are to be completely restored (see photo below).

This project is a very good illustration in the railway field of a project of image renovation associating two expertises and allowing to answer a special need expressed by the Limousin regional council.