Renovation VAL208AG subway train – TOULOUSE

SAFRA has carried out the expertise of a VAL208AG train from the TOULOUSE network in collaboration with Tisséo Collectivités and Tisséo Voyageurs.

After a complete dismantling of the trainset in order to analyze the structure of the bodies and the bearings (search for indication of cracks and corrosion), SAFRA reassembled the two cars in order to deliver them on time on March 13, 2023.

These expertises allow us to analyze the structure of a complete train set after 15 years of service, in order to extend the life of the VAL208AG fleet in Toulouse by several years.

SAFRA is pleased to have renewed its partnership with Tisséo Voyageurs and Tisséo Collectivités for the renovation of their rolling stock.

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Emmanuelle SAUX
Communication Manager

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