SAFRA welcomes the Rouen tramway

Within the framework of its urban transport equipment upgrading activities, SAFRA, Société Albigeoise de Fabrication et Réparation Automobile, has just received a new rolling stock: the Rouen Metrobus.

It is a Standard French Tramway (TFS) whose 2 engines were damaged following an accident on the track.

SAFRA has been selected by TCAR (Transports de la Communauté d’Agglomération de Rouen), a subsidiary of CGEA CONNEX (Véolia Environnement group), for the reconditioning of the front panels, i.e:

  • the reconstruction of the structure
  • mechanical repair
  • the bodywork

It is in the new railway workshop recently inaugurated that these front ends will be reconstituted alongside the Lyon metro, whose first train will soon be completed.

With this new reference, SAFRA is a leading player in the field of urban transport equipment renovation.

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Emmanuelle SAUX
Communication Manager

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