TER Occitanie – train

Start: january 2021
End: in progress

Type of vehicle: TER trainsets
Number of vehicles: 27 trainsets

The contract for the renovation of the Occitanie Region’s trains was launched by SNCF in January 2020, and won by SAFRA in September of the same year.

This market concerns trainsets of the Midi-Pyrénées area (3 bodies) and trainsets of the Languedoc-Roussillon area (4 bodies) for the firm tranche, and trainsets for the optional tranche, which will be decided possibly 3 months before the end of the market.

The services planned for these TERs will be carried out in two main stages. The first stage will concern only a prototype, the No. 1 train set, on which the complete inventory of the general work to be carried out will be determined. The completion time for the prototype train is set at 42 days, compared to 21 days for the following trains. The services to be carried out on the interior include: renovation of seats, floor coverings, cleaning of other interior coverings, removal of waste garbage cans, installation of a complete passenger counting system, replacement of all halogen lighting with LEDs, and renovation of ceilings. For the exterior part, the complete livery was redone, with painting and adhesives. A complete makeover for a second life.

TER Occitanie rénové par SAFRA Rénovation After
TER Occitanie avant le début des travaux Before
TER Occitanie rénové par SAFRA Rénovation After
TER Occitanie avant les travaux de rénovation Before