Visit of Mrs. Josiane Chevalier, Prefect of Tarn at SAFRA

Josiane Chevalier, Prefect of the Tarn, visited Safra on Tuesday, September 25. Serge Bodoira, President of the Safra Group, and Vincent Lemaire, President of Safra, guided her through the different buildings to discover the 3 activities of the company. From car bodywork to fittings, via industrial bodywork, nothing was forgotten. An extended stop, of course, around the Businova, allowed the Prefect to measure the magnitude of this project, and to gauge the economic consequences to come.

This visit also allowed some of the employees to talk with Mrs. Chevalier, which was an opportunity for them to engage in a privileged exchange.

Excerpt from the guestbook: “A family business, a business that innovates, a business that creates jobs, it’s a great hope for this region…”. Josiane Chevalier – Prefect

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Emmanuelle SAUX
Communication Manager

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