A member of the European Parliament visits SAFRA

On Thursday, September 8, SAFRA had the honor of receiving the European deputy, Mrs. Christine De Veyrac, accompanied by a delegation from the CCIR and the CCI Tarn, in order to present its new project and to make her aware of its great interest and the considerable progress it constitutes.

Indeed, for several months, the Industrial and Railway Bodywork Department of SAFRA has been mobilizing all its forces in order to carry out a large-scale R&D operation. Thus, after 56 years of existence, SAFRA, a small and medium-sized company based in Albacete, has returned to the profession of bus manufacturer, to design a totally innovative bus that will overturn the conventions established by the market in this field.

The latter will be officially presented at the 23rd National Public Transport Meeting, which will be held in Strasbourg in mid-October. On this occasion, the unequalled performance of this bus will be presented in areas as varied as respect for the environment, design and technology.

In this context, the visit of Mrs. De Veyrac, member of the Committee on Transport and Tourism and of the Committee on the Environment, is a positive sign from the public opinion. It is the manifestation of SAFRA’s ability to follow the fundamental evolutions of society, as their present project already fulfils with flying colours the criteria of the European directives for the purchase of low-emission buses.

Mrs. De Veyrac showed great interest in this project, which can be very promising economically, and which meets the nation’s industrialization objectives.

“An energizing and invigorating visit” in her words.

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Emmanuelle SAUX
Communication Manager

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