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INTERVIEW with Philippe Boucly – President of AFHYPAC Philippe Boucly, President of the French Association for Hydrogen and Fuel Cells, answers our

Is hydrogen dangerous? 

Carole Kamlade and Nicolas Daudou from SEM EVEER’HY’PÔLE answer the question Because of various accidents (the Hindenburg airship accident in 1937 being

Hydrogen: where we are now?

Faced with the climatic and ecological challenges as well as the implementation of regulations promoting the decarbonization of energy uses in transportation,

Clean bus

CLEAN BUSES IN EUROPE ARE WE READY FOR THE ENERGY TRANSITION? The market for electric buses and alternative energies is evolving very

France, Champion of regulation! Although a forerunner in the measures put in place to accelerate the ecological transition, France’s action on transport

Energy transition

ISSUES AND REGULATIONS Air pollution should not be confused with greenhouse gases (GHGs). Air pollutants, composed of toxic gases and harmful particles,

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