Marseille entrusts us with the renovation of its metro

SAFRA has just won the contract for the major technical overhaul of the Marseille metro, awarded to it by RTM (Régie des Transports de Marseille) in the context of a call for tenders.

The contract, worth €12,000,000, consists of the renovation of 21 of the 36 trains from the 1980s that run on the Marseilles network.

The renovation work will take place in SAFRA’s railway workshop and will start in September. The work will focus on

  • renovation of ceilings, compartments, driving cabins, seats; floorboards, floor mats, wheels, bogies,…
  • the painting of the bodywork
  • installation of interior and exterior signage

For the success of this market, SAFRA will mobilize its industrial body shop and will involve several subcontractors.

The company’s skills in engineering, design and quality, combined with its production capacities, have enabled it to obtain this new contract.

SAFRA had already collaborated with RTM in 2002 for a public contract for the reinforcement of the frames of the Marseille subway. Thanks to RTM’s renewed confidence, SAFRA’s know-how is once again recognized at the national level, and its strategic orientation towards the railway sector is reinforced.

The recruitment of new employees in engineering, purchasing and production (body builders, painters, electromechanics) has already been launched.

The first train set will arrive in mid-September at SAFRA by special convoy.

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